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Makar Sankranti is Samkaraman

The meaning of Makar Sankranti is Samkaraman i.e. the day when the Sun passes from one sign of the Zodiac to another. On this day the Suns starts its movement towards North of the Equator. In India the dates of all the festivals are decided according to the position of the Moon. That is why their dates change every year.

Makar Sankranti is based on the position of the Sun and that is the reason that this festival is always celebrated on 14th of January.

Makar Sankranti indicates that from this day the Sun will get warmer and warmer. The heat ofSun is beneficial for mankind. All our movements depend on this heat. But the impact of the heat could also excite anger in us. That is the reason that on this day we eat Jaggary (Gud) so that we become soft spoken.

Because of the warmth of the Sun all vegetations and wealth grows on the earth. Fruits and vegetables are offered to the Goddess on this day, to invoke Her blessings. By the blessings of the Adi Shakti the Earth element gets calmed down and human being thrives.

The festival of Sankranti has cultural significance too. It is celebrated all over the country with joy and gaiety. It is celebrated in some other countries also but it has special significance in India. The climate here is neither too hot nor too cold. It is quite balanced. It is the grace of the Adi Shakti. In other countries the climatic balance is absent. There either it is extreme cold or extreme hot.

It is not proper for us to change with the change in climate and nature. There is no justification if with the heat of the Sun we get heated –up or enraged. There is no justification for anger. Anger is the worst of the Shudripus (Six enemies).

We are Sahaja Yogis, awakened people. Our kundalini has been awakened. So we must learn how to remain peaceful. Mostly Sahaja Yogis are evolved beings, they are quite good. Very few, only one percent however, are still running after Alakshmi. It is very natural to get annoyed over this sort of behavior. But it is not your job to correct them; it is the Adi Shakti’s job. You have to evolve very calmly.

Everything works out by the grace of God. We have always to be mindful of this fact. Somepeople are negative and money is all to them. Such people have nothing to do with Sahaja Yoga. But you have no remedy for it. The Adi Shakti Herself will take care of them.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Makar Sankranti Puja, 14.01.2002, India
(DCB July-August 2002)

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