Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Devotion is very important in Seeking

In the seeking, one thing is very important, that the person should have a great devotion about it. And also untold miseries you have to go through.

Seeking is when within yourself also you are struggling and outside also you find nothing satisfactory. This is how the seeking has a double edge.

In that seeking, when you are trying to get the Truth, it seems it’s a very difficult thing. But you can’t help it, because you are not satisfied with what exists around you. See the world today, it’s full of strife. All kinds of strife’s are there.

People are fighting for nothing at all - for land; killing human beings. Land, can it create human beings? They are fighting in a very collective manner thinking they are doing a very great service to humanity!

The thinking today of human beings is not deep at all deep, it is very superficial and that’s how you find this world full of turmoil; every day, every minute you can find… they are killing so many human beings.

They are torturing, in a very large scale. Formerly, of course, the saints were all tortured – tortured by all kinds of different stupid ideas, I should say, of something being higher and something being lower; something being good , something being bad.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Guru Puja 2001 , Cabella
(DCB Nov-Dec 2001)

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