Friday, July 2, 2010

What does a Guru do?

Today we are here to know about Guru principle. What does a Guru do?

Whatever you have, all the precious things within you, he discovers them for your knowledge. Actually it is all there, everything, all the knowledge, all the spirituality, all the joy is there. It’s all contained within you. Only thing the Guru does, makes you knowledgeable about your knowledge, about your own spirit.

Everyone has the spirit within himself, everyone has the spirituality within himself. There is nothing that you get from outside. But before getting this knowledge you are delinked or you are living in ignorance. In the ignorance you do not know what treasure you have got within yourself.

So the Guru’s job is to make you know what you are. That is the first step that it starts that awakening within you by which you know that you have not this outside world, this is all an illusion and you start getting enlightened within yourself.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Guru Puja
Cabella 23rd July 2000
DCB Nov- Dec 2000

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