Thursday, August 19, 2010

Anahata Chakra - Affirmations

Mantra: “Shri Jagadamba Durga Mata”


“She rules the whole Universe and it’s enough for her even to think, to put in motion the whole Universe ”

“For me the Divine Mother is so mighty that I don’t have to be afraid of anything”

Left Anahata

Mantra: “Shri Shiva-Parvati”

Prayer to the Almighty:

“ Lord my – Shri Sadashiva!

Please give me love so that I can love the whole world and that the whole world becomes one in love. Give me complete satisfaction in my heart.

Joy in my heart. Bliss in my heart, so that the whole world becomes blissful.

Take me to your feet. Cleanse me with Thy love.

Prayer to the Divine Mother:

Mother, please come into my heart. Please clean my heart. Let me not be under a delusion, lead me away from the illusion, keep me in reality, take the glitter of the superficial.

Right Anahata

Mantra: “Shri Sita-Rama”

I worship the Feet of Lord Rama.

I praise the Feet of Lord Rama.

I bow at the Feet of Lord Rama.

I surrender at the Feet of Lord Rama

Shri Mataji, truly, you are the responsibility in me.

Shri Mataji, You are the boundaries of good conduct and the benevolence of a good father.

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