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Beej Mantras – ‘Ham and Ksham'

The aim of Jesus Christ was to open the centre of your Agnya and to achieve that purpose He got Himself crucified and then He resurrected. It appears to be a miracle but for the Divinity there is no miracle as such. He proved that human beings could rise above the centre of Agnya and on this centre He told two mantras which we call

Beej Mantras – ‘Ham and Ksham’-

‘Ksham’ means to forgive. Ksham is the biggest mantra. The ego of the person who knows how to forgive, gets destroyed. One is proud of small-small things. For example if you tell someone to sit on the earth, his ego gets hurt. If some one is told to sit in the chair, he will reply, “This chair is very small, why have you given it to me?”

Everyone has some expectation about him and if his expectations are not fulfilled, his ego immediately comes up. Unknowingly some times such things could be done but the egoistical people take it as their insult. Such people make their condition very miserable. All the time they think they are being insulted and humiliated. He is always obsessed with this thought and he draws negative meaning of whatever is told to him.

So we have to think of what Jesus Christ had thought. He said, “Forgive those who have tress passed against you”. Now see the results if you forgive everyone. You will neither suffer nor get disturbed mentally. You will not think of the person whom you have forgiven. Nothing could go against you because you forgive everyone. We get this power from the centre of Agnya.

The person whose Agnya is clear forgives everyone. If we do not forgive we torture ourselves and play in the hands of others, who assume power over us. ‘Forgiveness’ is the greatest message that Jesus Christ has given to mankind.

Second is ‘Ham’. It has altogether different meaning. Ham means ‘To Know Thyself.’ You have to know that you are the Spirit. You are not this body, mind, brain or ego. You are the Spirit. When you knows this ‘Ham’ then it will be clear to you that you are the ‘Atma’. The ‘Spirit’ means that all the ego, foolishness, ignorance that we have in our mind, are meaningless. All these negativities have absolutely no place in the Pure Spirit. You are very pure.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Christmas Puja 2000, Ganpati Pule
DCB Sep-Oct 2001

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