Monday, December 27, 2010

Prayer For Forgiveness

O Mother! You are Nishkalanka and all the blemishes are within me.
Therefore, I surrender all these to you and pray to cast your glance of mercy on me.

While your were watching I committed countless mistakes.
You had never interfered in my freedom. But now I request you to stop me.

Kindly hold my hand and take me with you wherever you like.
I bow to your Holy Feet again and again. Do not forsake me.

There is nobody in this world whom I can say is mine.
Without you the whole world is in desolation and forsaken state.
You are the caretaker and protector of the poor like me and you are the only support for me.

O Mother! You are the ocean of compassion.
By your grace remove all the bondages of the world.
O Mother! Without you who can fulfill our hopes of emancipation.

Within me a basket of all mistakes and wrong doings is there.
What can I offer you, I have so much hesitation.

The Serpent Kalia surrendered to Lord Shri Krishna and said:
“O Lord! I have venoms only to offer you and nothing else”.
The Lord accepted it out of love in surrender.

What have I earned in this world,
I only earned thousands of sins on my part.
Therefore, I pray O Mother! You are Mahapatak-Nashani,
So burn all my sins.

O Mother! You are Nirmala,
The treasure of motherly love and concerns.
Therefore O Mother! take away all the blemishes of all of us.

O Mother! By your arrival the world is enlightened by your Divine Love.
The dead have come to live by drinking the nectar of your Love.

O Mother! There is no benevolence like you and no poor and orphan like me.
That is why in your infinite compassion, you have given me the new life of divine love.

Mother! I do not ask from you any wealthy-possessions, nor power or positions.
In my utter humility, I pray you to bestow on me the pure devotion and dedication at your Lotus Feet.

(By a Sahaji friend)


drvamsikurra said...

jai sri mataji,, i join my lips, and heart along with thousands of sahajis to pary in these lines

Rajendra said...

Jai Shri Mataji...bhai sampuran chitt shant,santulit,bhaktimay ho gaya hai...thanks...plz be continue

Our Divine Mother..!