Friday, December 31, 2010

Christ suggested no greed or lust

Merry Christmas to you all. According to Sahaja Yoga Christ is settled on your Agnya Chakra. His whole life is depicting the qualities of a person who is a realized soul.

What He has suggested in his own life is that you should not have any greed or lust.

The way these days people are greedy all over the world is really shocking. Right from the childhood our children also learn to ask for this or ask for that. Only complete satisfaction in life can give you that equanimity, that balance by which you do not hanker after things.

These days even India has become very much westernized in the sense, they are also very much wanting to have this and that. Actually now in America suddenly with this happening, people are getting to spirituality. They come to spirituality because they think they have not found any satisfaction anywhere. What we have to receive from His life, the great life of Christ?

First He was born in a small little hut. As you so many of them when you come along, very much satisfied and He was put in a cradle which was all covered with dry, very dry grass. Can you imagine? And then He sacrificed His life on the cross.

Whole thing is a story of a sacrifice because He had a power, Power of spirit that He could sacrifice anything, even sacrifice his own life. So you can understand, the greatness of Christ was coming from his great personality of spirituality.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Christmas Puja, Ganapatipule 2002
DCB May- June 2003

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