Sunday, May 22, 2011

Why Blake took to printing?

Why Blake took to printing? He has described himself the Hell where the books were created, and how he has described how at every chakra we created a devil and put them in the libraries, and that’s why I’m against the books very much Myself. But why did he become a printer? It’s very important to know, and why he wrote so much about printing?

We see the media today, the media, that’s the devil he described. The media is the one has ruined you completely, believe Me. Just to make money out of you, playing upon your weakness, making your children and you weaker and weaker, the society completely being destroyed, systematically.

This is the media he wanted to hit. That’s why he took his birth and become a printer. He could have been anything else. No poet was a printer, in England or anywhere else. It was Blake who became that. The reason was he wanted to show that this media is the one, and let him cut it at its root.

But as you know, evil grows whether you like it or not, and today’s media we cannot understand to what extent it has destroyed us, our roots, our faith, all our sublime and righteous visions!

H.H.Shri Mataji
William Blake’s Birthday Celebration
28th November 1985, London
(DCB July-August 2006)

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