Tuesday, May 24, 2011

With sincerity you understand yourself

I can’t understand how can diamonds be thrown into dirt like this, and covered with that, and the fragrance turned into filth. It is beyond Me. The powers of human beings sometimes supersede that of God.

You can see the way they can change the forms, they can change beauty, change everything that is reality into something nonsensical and stupid. And they live with it. They don’t want to know about it, they enjoy it, “we are very happy people, what’s wrong?”

What a waste, one feels, of this creation. One feels with what aspirations and visions these human beings were created on this earth. And then what should we do to make them understand what they are, to make them aware with that perception, with that vision of the Divine that they are.

Sometimes I also cry in the wilderness and share some of the pathos of all these poets who came on this earth and suffered and suffered and suffered. I hope today with all this anguish, whatever I’m telling you you’ll try to see that sincerity is the only way you can understand yourself.

No books, nothing, no conditioning, no denying, nothing can convince you but the sincerity to know the spirit which is within you; and this sincerity I call it as the ‘pure desire’. If you have that pure desire which is the power of your Kundalini you will get your realisation now, just now, you should.

That’s all is needed, the pure desire to be the spirit, nothing more than that. But when it is awakened, then it is to be looked after. That’s very important. It has to be looked after, it has to be kept burning, it has to be maneuvered and kept at a point that you start growing more and more.

I need not tell you all about Sahaja Yoga, it’s going to be too much for you. But how Blake has worked for us, so many poets have done this job and now the new great poets are coming to finish us off, to please the media, to make money, befool us, using flowery words, pleasing sentences, taking us to hell directly.

Beware of them. Beware, save your children from them, save the whole community. The whole of England has to be saved because if the heart dies the whole universe will die.

May God bless you all.

H.H.Shri Mataji
William Blake’s Birthday Celebration
28th November 1985, London
(DCB July-August 2006)

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