Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fragrance in human being is his nature

What is a fragrance in human being is his nature, his temperament. How he lives and how he behaves towards others. All the countries all over, still not aware that you have to become fragrant. If they were to be aware then all wars will end, everything will finish off and they we will know we are all one.

We do not belong to different countries or anything which we have made. God has not made, we have made. This is your country. This is their country and countrywise we will fight.

This country belongs to no one. This belongs to God but people stupidly fight, on the countries that this is our country, this is our country. Now I've traveled all over the world, I wouldn't say any any any country as their own because if you own a country, you should have fragrance.

You should have temperament which will make other people feel that you come from countries of fragrance. Won't have to argue but one country is fighting with another country.

Every where it goes on, you read in the newspaper all the time we see this non sense that countries are fighting and the more they are developed better they are. In this development of there's I hope they rise and becomes spiritual and they develop fragrance, but this fighting spirit of human beings has come from Satan I think.

That they are killing themselves, killing others, destroying the whole world. You read newspaper you fell so ashamed how humans beings are going on! So all the Sahaja Yogis should not support any kind of fight.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Shri Adi Shakti Puja
Cabella 24th June 2007
(DCB September–October 2007)

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