Wednesday, June 1, 2011

As human beings we should have love

So all the Sahaja Yogis should not support any kind of fight. They are not. They are here to bring fragrance to people, to bring happiness, to joy and not to fight. That is one of the first duties of Sahaja Yogis not to join anything which hates, which fights, which creates problem.

These fighting spirits have destroyed the fragrance of the soil. If people become loving and affectionate, this soil itself will become fragrant. First thing we must learn is to love each other, and not to hate any one. There’s so many ways of hating. This also human quality. Animals do hate, because they are animals. Human beings can't be animals.

We are human beings and as human beings what we should have is love, affection and no hatred of any kind. Now as you are Sahaja Yogis, I would say that you should try to develop your loving capacity instead of fighting capacity or criticizing others.

Very easy to criticize but try to understand that our soil itself has no fragrance. How are we to bring fragrance to this soil. This is only if people live here have affection and love for each other. This is the most important thing.

When creation took place it was only through affection, otherwise what was the need for nature to create all these things? All this is for what? To make you feel beautiful. All these trees are beautiful to make you feel good, to feel one with the nature. In that way we human beings have not contributed.

Now I'm not saying Sahaja Yogis. They are rare and they are wonderful and they have done a good job because they consider love is the highest. But you have to show to others also, that you want to love them because they should also love each other.

The whole world is created because there was love. Otherwise what was the need to waste energy on these continents and all these different countries? Was not to fight, was not to hate each other or to think no end of yourself, but to love each other, to have more brothers and sisters as in Sahaja Yoga you feel that way, you have brothers and sisters all over.

Today when I was coming, I was so happy to see there were people from all over Europe and also from India. How is it possible? Because you have developed that love. Because you have that love that innate love.

So where ever you go, where ever you meet people they should say that we have seen Sahaja Yogis who are nothing but love. They are not bothered as to what you are, what your position is or anything they only know that you are a Sahaja Yogi and a Sahaja Yogi loves other Sahaja Yogi.

This is a very big achievement it was never there as there is no fragrance in the soil, no fragrance in the human beings. Now that has come, now you have got the capacity to love each other and to help each other and to understand each other, not to criticize and not to insult or in any way defame them. This I'm saying because you are all rare people who are Sahaja Yogis.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Shri Adi Shakti Puja
Cabella 24th June 2007
(DCB September–October 2007)

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