Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Promise Me that you will meditate

Without meditation you don't understand what is best for you. So today is a day when you have to promise Me that you will meditate, every night, every evening, maybe in the morning also.

Whenever it is possible if you can go into meditative mood, you are in contact with this Divine Power.

Then whatever is good for you, whatever good for your society, for your country, all is done by this Divine Power. Don't have to overpower the Divine Power, you don't have to order, you don't have to ask. Just if you meditate you are one with this all pervading power, which is a another great blessings to us.

Unless and until your Sahasrara is open, all the blessings of the Divine Power cannot come to you , cannot, maybe you might get some money, you might get some jobs, you might get this and that.

But your own development is only possible when you meditate and your Sahasrara is completely open and open to truth. Now the truth is that this divine power is compassion, is love. This is the truth. They say God is love, God is truth. So the equation has to be made that truth is love and love is truth.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Sahasrara Puja
Cabella, 10th May 1998
(DCB Issue 11& 12, 1998)

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KUHOO said...

Meditation keeps us connected with Shri Mataji.

Our Divine Mother..!