Monday, June 27, 2011

The testimony of truth

The second Statute is that you have to stand on your own legs and know that you are here, one with the truth, the testimony, the testimony of the truth: that you have seen the truth, you know what truth is, and you cannot compromise with falsehood, you cannot.

For that you need not harm anyone, you have to just profess it. You have to stand up and say that you have seen the truth and this is the truth, and you have to be one with it, so that people see that light of truth in you and they accept you.

Its not for telling others that: 'You have to be truthful, and this is the truth we have seen, that this is what God's laws are, how they work out. Through vibratory awareness we have been able to see this is the truth.' But be completely confident about it. But for that, first of all you must test yourself completely, otherwise you might be playing into the hands of ego. It happens with many people who start doing Sahaja Yoga, to begin with.

So be cautious, be sure that you are telling the truth and nothing else, and that you have felt the truth in full ways.Those who have not felt any vibrations, shouldn’t talk of Sahaja Yoga at all; they have no authority.

They have to receive vibrations, they have to fully imbibe within them, and then they can say: "Yes, we felt." This is a very important task Sahaja Yogis have to do in these modern times, is to tell aloud that they have found the truth. That part is very weak.

In whatever way you like: you can write books, you can announce it, you can talk to your friends, to your relations and everywhere. Tell them that this is the truth now, that you have entered into the kingdom of God; that you are blessed by the Grace of God, that you are realized souls, that you have felt the Divine power which is pervading everywhere, and that you can give Realizations to others. This you have to tell others, and know that by your accepting truth you are not adding anything to the truth, but you are adorning yourself.

One requires courage to enjoy the truth. Sometimes people will laugh at you, will mock at you, may persecute also; but that should not be any worry to you, because your relationship is with the Statutes and with the Grace of God.

When that is your connection, you should not worry about other people, what they have to say about it. You have to stand up, adorn yourself with that truth and talk to people, that people will know that you have found it. With that authenticity with which you speak, people will know that you have found it.

The difference between a realized soul and a non-realized soul is basically this: he doesn’t talk of his woes and his separation with God, but he says: 'I have found it now, this is it.' Like Christ said: 'I am the Light, I am the Path'. Or anybody else can say that, but you can make out that it is not true.

With the confidence, with that complete understanding coming out of your heart, people can make out this is absolute truth. And then all kinds of falsehood must be denounced. Doesn't matter if somebody feels bad, because by telling that you are saving them, and not harming them; but must be told in a correct way, not in a frivolous way.

In a very persuasive way, you must tell them that: 'No, this is wrong'. You must wait for the time when you can tell people, more in confidence. Talk to them: 'This is wrong, this is wrong, you don't know. We've done the same thing.'

This is how you are going to express your principle of mastery, or you can say Guru tattwa. You have to be truthful: first, foremost thing is that you should know the truth, you should stand this testimony, and that you should announce it.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Guru Puja, 1980
Hampstead Temple, United Kingdom
(DCB July-August 2001)

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