Monday, June 27, 2011

You cannot do harm to anyone

Again, I say you have to imbibe the Statutes. Lets see what are the Statutes.

First is, you do not harm anyone. First principle is that we are not to harm anyone. Animals do harm without knowing that they are doing harm. If you go near a snake, he'll bite. If a scorpion is there he can put his poison into your being.

[Human beings] are not to harm anyone; they can correct but not harm. So the principle of not harming was taken to a very, very.. to a point where reality disappeared. For example, when it was said 'Do not harm anyone', so people started saying: 'All right, we'll not harm mosquitoes, we'll not harm bugs. We'll not kill them.' And there are some people who are following religions in which they preserve mosquitoes and bugs. This is absurdity! Taking anything to absurdity cannot be reality.

First of all, we should not harm anyone who is walking in the path of God, the one who is a realized soul. He may be wrong, there may be some mistakes in him, still he needs correction; nobody's perfect as yet. So do not harm, always try to help.

Secondly, anybody who is a real seeker, he may be wrong, he might have gone to wrong gurus, he might have done wrong things; but have feelings, because you have been going on the wrong path yourself sometimes; you have been misled before, so have more sympathies.

That's why, if you have done mistakes, in a way is good because you have more sympathies for such people. Then you are not to harm human beings in any way. You are not to cause them any bodily harm, any emotional upsetting just for harm's sake; for correction its all right.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Guru Puja, 1980
Hampstead Temple, United Kingdom
(DCB July-August 2001)

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