Monday, July 11, 2011

Beyond Slavery

Truthfulness is a very important aspect or else you can never get rid of you Agnya. The Agnya is there where you have something as the ego. When ego develops in a person he may commit any offences (blunders), any sin, can harm anyone, earn illegally by corruption. They all will go to hell.

I want to warn you that you should never indulge in earning illegally by corruption. You are not dying, for that matter. What have you done by earning more? What are you doing? You may have fitted a few more extra bulbs to light up your house or kept a few women to give you company- that’s all, nothing more than that. Now what will be your condition when you go to hell?

I am discussing all this on this day of Diwali because Diwali was celebrated on the occasion when Sitaji returned to reunite with Shri Rama. Once we imbibe the character within, then we cannot more remain slaves any more. We are our own slaves only and, of course, not of the others. One should not lie for any reason.

I have stayed in Delhi for a long time and I am so astonished to see how much the people lie here. My God- they are not at all afraid. Speaking blatant lies at face and pursuing benefit out of it, may probably help him achieve something here. It may even help him a few extra rupees, but for sure he never can go to heaven.

I want the Sahaja Yogis to promise that from today onwards, neither we will ever lie nor we will ever support the liar.

People speak about our country, that we are very dishonest. Everywhere I have traveled into far remote areas and found that the people of Russia are the best amongst them. They are indeed half-Sahaja Yogis already and many are Sahaja Yogis as well, I could not go to Russia this year. I shall definitely visit next year.

However, this means that we could not harness democracy. We too should have been communist. There are no petty offences or crime (chori chakari) in those places, no lies and they all love you.

There is great respect for Me too. But it is to be understood, after all, where we are leading. Just for the sake of earning a few more (rupees), where are we going? What are we going to achieve?

Therefore, in the first place you must be honest. Your dishonesty will cause trouble to your own people only. People blame India, claiming that people of this place are very dishonest. I am ashamed to hear all this.

You have had so many great saints, so many great souls in the past and people here are very corrupt and cheat a lot and criticize. So, right at the beginning only, your Agnya is scared. People will become very rich and wealthy. You will find at the end of the day, Mr. Rich is making his journey into hell.

Today I want to tell you that Diwali means that the hell is dark and you have become the light. What is expected of you is that you should fight it out wherever there is darkness and announce what is wrong. With this, our country will improve. And this is yet another job that you have to carry out.

We are already performing pujas and rituals. That is all right, but the innate power which we have within us is the one which stands opposed to all that is untrue. Many people are unaware that earning (illegal) money is a disease and they will go directly to hell.

I am telling you all this because no one spoke about it like this before. I am telling you on the day of Diwali that we going to celebrate the joy and light the lamps within our hearts. In it, with that light, we can see who is what and who is cheating.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Diwali Puja
Noida 10th November 2007
(DCB July- August 2008)
translated from Hindi

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