Monday, July 11, 2011

Fighting and Quarrels

Now, I find one fighting with the other. Fights amongst Hindus and Muslims are now over, while the fighting of others has begun. It means there is another issue: we are very quarrelsome as well. At least in the other countries one does not have religions of so many countries. But, here at our places, whenever you get an opportunity you start a fight. Fighting becomes the priority. Fighting is between husband and wife, then amongst their children and then, if there is someone else with them, it is with them too.

What is Sahaja Yoga? Sahaja Yoga is love. It is love. Awaken that power of love that is within us. Today is a very auspicious day and we have to light the lamps in our hearts and take up the resolution that, even if we have to die, we won’t tell lies. We already have such people with us.

But it has earned such a bad reputation across the world that the Indians are basically dishonest. Well, I have never at least seen one, but whenever I hear of it, I feel very sad.

India is such a holy place where so many great saints have taken their birth, as nowhere else. Sufis are there who were here, all those who became great. The all were from India only. No other countries had such a number of great souls. A few countable ones may have been there, but we had many great souls here. But subsequently, leave aside whatever they taught us, we became branded cheats and frauds.

Yet the offence of cheating is sustained. They can never ascend to heaven. And whatever is the lifespan one may have here, he will have to spend a thousand times more lifespans than this in hell.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Diwali Puja
Noida 10th November 2007
(DCB July- August 2008)
translated from Hindi

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