Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Darkness of Hell

The reason I am speaking about hell on this day is only because the hell means the darkness and that is the hell that we witness.

Now your lamps are lit. In that light, you must recognize the types of hells. You must support the government. Try to help to identify dishonest. You may be in a junior or a senior position in society, but you must speak out as to who are the culprits. You must catch the culprits.

Expose those who are liars. Now you have the powers with you- for what purpose? You are awakened. For what purpose did you have the enlightenment? In that light, you must see yourself. In the darkness nothing was visible but watch your own light to see for yourself what you are. And what are you going to achieve by telling lies?

We are householders. Whenever you are compelled to lie, you have the powers within you, you are all lamps. You should see judge them in this darkness. You are the lamps and the lamps are to sustain the light. We have to wipe out this darkness. We all have earned a bad name from far across. Well, nowhere on Earth will you find people like that of our country.

I am in pain when I learn what a gross misunderstanding people have developed about us. And what does one achieve by dishonesty? God Knows! And whatever is pursued is horrible. No one will be spared. Whoever has become dishonest will be caught. There are arrangements for all that. You have received your Realization because you are not dishonest. You love truth and respect the truth. I want that you should stand on truth.

Now for example, these days people throw litter into Yamunaji (the River Yamuna). It means they are stupid. Yamunaji directly descends down to hell, but you will be saved from that hell. You are realized souls. The ones who have the light with them, they generally do not descend. But if you really want to establish Sahaja Yoga fully within yourself, then you have to swear in the beginning that you will never commit dishonesty of any type.

Passion to earn money seems to be the only business left out in this world. What is the outcome? Nobody even remembers them. If you love your country, then in the first place you must establish the truth- or else where lays the trust for love from a person who is a liar? It is a great struggle for you when you realize “our neighbor is of such a type, so let us also become like that.”

But on the contrary, why don’t we ever think that we are like this, so why can’t we mold our neighbor also like us? First of all, today let us promise that we will never commit any dishonesty nor support any dishonest person. I do not know why, but falsehood seems to be a curse on our country. There are several people who speak at least ten lies right from morning until evening, yet it does not satisfy them.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Diwali Puja
Noida 10th November 2007
Translated from Hindi
(DCB July- August 2008)

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