Saturday, July 30, 2011

Children must be guard

Then, also, because of modern life, children have developed a kind of a funny characters, when they grow up: “I don’t like this, I don’t like that”, and they fall into funny, funny, I should say, ideas about life, which we must try to guard, because these days the society is growing so fast: there are televisions, there are so many, I should say, propagated things which are not good for children. And they should not see them also.

And if the children are realized souls, they don’t like to see. They don’t like to see violence. They don’t like to see nonsense, I have seen it. They don’t like. But the parents are sitting and enjoying nonsense, so they are also sitting: gradually, it might crawl into their heads. But normally, children don’t like any violence, and beating, any kind of thing.

So, we have to learn a lot from them, because they are innocent, because they have the quality of innocence, so they are to be respected.

I don’t like people beating their children or hitting them and fulfilling their ambitions through the children. It’s very, very wrong. You should leave them alone, they are perfect. Only thing is: they should be given proper ideas at a time, appreciation for their chastity, for their well behavior. That should be done.

But should not be given a kind of idea of the society in which they live, where the children get spoiled. And I was surprised that I’ve met one child, the other day, and the child said: “I want to have a car.” “Which car?” “Mercedes.” I said: “Why don’t you go for a Ferrari?”.

So you see, this money orientation also comes from childhood. From childhood if you talk of all these things, money orientation, children also know this and they talk like that. There are many other things for children, you should just avoid. Don’t allow them to go near all such things, which are creating money orientation.

Because that is the problem of today: that everywhere you find people who have made money, illegally. So much money has been made. And there is no need to do that. But still, you see, they go, this money orientation is funny thing.

H.H. Shri Mataji
Shri Ganesha Puja
Cabella 14th September 2002
(DCB May- June 2003)

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