Saturday, July 30, 2011

Learn from children

You learn from children: how they watch things, and how they work it out, how they think. You will be amazed, how sensible they are, and the very sensible things they talk.

Like I met a child, so the child told me: “I love the moon.” I said: “All right. Now, what’s wrong with the moon?” “Nothing, but it hides itself under the clouds all the time.” So, I said: “Why does he do that?” “Because he walks too much. So, he’s tired and he has to rest all right. And that’s why he does it. If he doesn’t walk so much, if he keeps steady, he won’t have to do it.”

Just imagine! A little child watching all these things! And, I mean, I was amazed how the little child knows what is right, what is wrong or how to behave, how to understand the proper way of doing things.

They are not taught anything, they are not conditioned, nothing. But they know how to behave. And they are always looked after by the Divine.

I have known children, who have fallen from great heights. Nothing happened to them! And also, no snakes and all these things don’t bite children.

Even, they say, that tigers never try to eat children. What is it? What is so powerful about it, that children are so safe and allowed to grow?

But then they grow into such horrible creatures who are unchaste! Who are running after women or women running after men, is a common play these days. And it is unbelievable how can people who are even sahaja yogis do this. Of course, they don’t. But some of them they are still in this kind of a mess.
So, when you have your Ganesha already established… Just before creating the whole Universe, the Mother created Shri Ganesha. If He’s there, then life is very easy.

Such a society is very easy to live. Such a friendship also is so easy. Because there’s nothing that is possessiveness or any kind of a, you can call, perversity. When you have bad eyes for women, bad eyes for money, bad eyes for possessions, Ganesha is fallen.

He just knows how to enjoy. Enjoy everything! If it belongs to him, it doesn’t matter. It belongs to me, it doesn’t matter. But you should know how to enjoy the beauty of it. And that’s enjoyment when you have within yourself, you don’t grow old, because all the time you are enjoying!

H.H. Shri Mataji
Shri Ganesha Puja
Cabella 14th September 2002
(DCB May- June 2003)

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