Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chastity is a very joy-giving

With this only – his quality – people become chaste. Because chastity is a very joy-giving thing, very joy-giving.

It is not a thing that you have to tell somebody, or to force somebody, or to restrict somebody, but it is to enjoy it. To enjoy yourself and enjoy the chastity of another person. Is such a great blessing of Shri Ganesha, such a great blessing that you enjoy your own chastity.

You are not bothered about the another person: he’s chaste or not, if he’s doing bad things, if he’s a ruined person, doesn’t matter. You don’t get spoiled with that: you have your own chastity, your own life of very chaste moments.

It is nowadays such a modern style of thinking there’s a throwing doors, unchaste life and all kinds of wrong ideas about chastity. If somebody now talks of chastity, people think that this must be mad: how can that be?

Everything is done these days, if you see, all the fashions are there. Now, once the fashion starts, it goes on spreading. Then, everybody will dress up in the same manner: they have no personality of their own. Everybody will be going round in the same manner, especially the women have lost their sense of chastity.

They have lost their sense of chastity. Because, the way they dress up sometimes, shocks. What is the need to dress up like this? Why can’t you dress up properly? But it is just, just… Shows that they have no character of their own. Actually, they may say: “I am this, I am that”, but they are not, they are nothing. Because they take to all kinds of forces that run around.

But look at the children! Children are not like that. They do not have all these funny ideas of impressing people with their unchaste life. None of them. On the contrary, children are very conscious and they want to become very chaste people.

This has an effect on the eyes, I must say. Shri Ganesha acts through your eyes: how you look at a person is very important.

I have seen people loosing complete control over their eyes, they’ll go on looking at this person, looking at another person, looking at another person. Just for nothing at all, but it’s a matter of no Ganesha control. And with this the eyes are spoiled.

Spoiled means that you cannot look at anything concentratedly. Then, how can you penetrate into anything? Any penetration is possible only if you can really adjust your eyes in such a manner, that you see something at that time for that time, and not go on shifting your eyes from one to another. It can mean anything, it can come from anything.

That means Ganesha is the One who is a detector of our faults. For example, people have greed. So they will start seeing who’s wearing what clothes, what clothes they should wear. If they have greed, then they’ll see somebody has a nice house: “I should also have a nice house.”

But they never see the beauty of that house. They never see the actual essence of that house. But, just, they go on saying that: “I should have this house, this kind, I should have that.” They have no sense of beauty, I should say, they have only sense of possession.

And that is such a bad thing to say, because sense of beauty is something so deep, and sense of possession is so rotted, so aggressive. So, one should look at things from Ganesha’s angle: “How will He do it, how will He use it?”

H.H. Shri Mataji
Shri Ganesha Puja
Cabella 14th September 2002
(DCB May- June 2003)

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