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Shri Ganesha is joy

The greatest quality of Shri Ganesha is Joy. It gives you joy, as small children, they may not speak even, but they give us so much joy. Joy giving quality comes from Shri Ganesha.

Even after coming to Sahaja Yoga, I have seen people are not full of joy. Are very serious, they don’t know how to laugh, how to enjoy anything. That’s the sign that they are still lacking in innocence.

So it’s important to understand that if you are Sahaja yogis, you should be joyous and give joy to others. Just like children, how sweet they are. They may be newly born, but how much joy they give you.

But supposing you do not have that capacity to enjoy the innocence of children, then nobody can help you. Ganesha cannot help you. Because that’s the innate quality human beings have and if you don’t have that quality, no use having any other sense. Like some people like food, they like colours, they like all other things. But if you don’t have Shri Ganesh, you cannot purely enjoy anything.

So it is only Shri Ganesha’s blessings that will really enjoy everything in its full measure. Otherwise, we start judging it, we start criticizing it, people raise so many things, questions. If you see something and it gives you joy, then you are supposed to give the explanation for that.

As we have many critics in this world, and they are all the time criticizing one another. Now the critics are criticizing critics, that’s the biggest problem. That’s their job. Because Ganesha is not there. And they go on criticizing others, never criticizing themselves, and thinking no end of themselves.

And with that, they create a very bad kind of a community, which is actually very harmful, it’s very dangerous. It’s like having some sort of a boil, or some sort of a septic thing in your body, in your being. So, if you cannot appreciate it, and if you cannot enjoy it, then Shri Ganesha is missing from you.

You should be able to enjoy everything, and to enjoy your children, enjoy children of others people. That’s the sign of your being completely blessed by Shri Ganesha.

Now the beauty of Shri Ganesha is this, that it looks after your Kundalini. It guards your Kundalini, it guides your Kundalini, and throughout and all the chakras he had to bless you.

If you don’t have the blessings of Shri Ganesh, you’ll be completely useless fellow as a sahaja yogi, because all the time you are seeing the bad points of others, all the time you are dividing, I should say, you are getting into a problem, by which you cannot enjoy anything.

By temperament you think you are very serious, you are very mature, you are very developed, but you are not innocent. Such a person gives such a headache to everyone, and if there’s one like that in the family, people want to get rid of him. So you should have the quality of Shri Ganesha, which is of giving joy to others.

Depends on how much joy you can give it to others. It doesn’t want anything. Such a person won’t say that “I must get this, I must have this position, I should be leader, I should be this and that”, no.

He just enjoys giving joy, joy to others and being humorous, and kind, and never, never tries to insult anyone and hurt anyone. If such a person hurts, by mistake also, he goes on repenting about it. And a hundred times he’ll beg your pardon if he has hurt you. Such a happy person is a real Sahaja yogi.

That’s the one we want to have all around. Those who have no hatred for anyone, no malice for anyone, and not finding faults with another, but trying to find what is the good point of that person, what is so special about that person.

He’s not bothered as to what colour you are, whether you are black or white, whether you are tall or short, it makes no difference. Because it is absolute, absolute joy. And for this absolute joy, you don’t criticize, and you don’t try to find faults with others.

Now, the problem is that people are getting very much advanced in this modern era, very advanced, and they are very much more advanced in criticizing others, I think. That’s the maximum they have: is to criticize others.

And, also, they have another very bad quality: to identify themselves with the country in which they live or with the family which they are. I have seen it creates such a problem.

Also they identify themselves with the different religions they follow. Or, imagine, from this how many problems have come out – that you start differentiating between one and another.

For example, now supposing who is born say, in one place, so he says he’s the best, his country is the best, his people are the best, and there’s nothing wrong with them.

On the contrary, if a person is a real Sahaja yogi, who has Ganesha within him, enlightened, then he sees it and enjoys the humor behind it, the humor of all these people, what they are mad after, how they behave, I mean the way he understands the jokes behind it, jokes which is avoiding reality.

And reality is only possible if you are in the realm of joy. Otherwise, all the time you find something wrong, something upsetting, so something disturb you. But if you see the humour behind everything, then you are perfectly alright.

H.H. Shri Mataji
Shri Ganesha Puja
Cabella 14th September 2002
(DCB May- June 2003)

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