Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Coconut never fall on human being

She beautifully creates everything and even She is so sweet, I tell you that if you are sleeping under a coconut tree. Can you imagine now? A coconut is so big, if it falls on anybody’s head, finished; stomach, also, terrible.

It can break your bone but it will never fall on any human being or any animal. Can you believe it? It’s a fact. That is the pritambhara pragnya. That is the quality of the Mother Earth. It never falls on any human being or animal.

How does She manage that? And you have seen how the flowers also form gently, you’ll never see the flowers growing, how the Mother does that; otherwise we’ll have problems, you see. Suddenly, you’ll see a flower tuke tuke tuke. So She, slowly, She does it and suddenly, oh!

She makes the leaves so beautifully arranged that they all get the sun. How She manages! Then She creates a beautiful shade for you, the color scheme, everything so beautiful and then how She nourishes that because all the leaves drop down and they give nitrogen again to the Mother Earth and then She again nourishes them. But the leaves have to fall down if the Sun has to come to the Mother Earth.

It is all Her doing but She does it so beautifully that we are not even aware of what She is doing to us. We don’t know. If you notice it, the one thing about the Mother Earth, beauty that She creates and how sweetly She does it, you will say that even one billionth of that, if we have, we could be somewhere, already, ruling, in the Kingdom of heaven, this is what it is.

So as you have got your Kundalini, you must develop that sweetness within you, in such a manner that people see you and think you are great Mothers.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Shri Trigunatmika Puja,
5th July 1985 Holland

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