Monday, September 5, 2011

Guru tattwa beautified by Mother principle

So today is the best opportunity for me to say that after the guru puja we have to understand that to be Holy means you must allow the guru tattwa to circulate in the Mother principle or the guru tattwa is to be controlled and guided and beautified by the Mother principle.

It’s only the Mother Earth that is beautiful because it can create so many varieties, so many dramas, so many things. Any other element, if you see, has nothing in it so it is She who can create.

So we should take to the Motherly quality more and try to bind our guru principle through that Motherly, beautiful, creative power so that we make our presence very agreeable, very congenial, very beautiful, full of interest and varieties; every time new flowers, every time new fruits, every time a new, new design.

As Kundalini is made of Mother Earth, we are quite capable of doing that. There are gurus and gurus and gurus but no one so far is such a master as you are of the Kundalini. If they were they would have given realization to thousands.

Why, because your Mother has penetrated into your guru principle and has risen your Kundalini, has given you powers to raise Kundalini, breaking your 7th chakra, so clearly. That never happened with anyone, even incarnations could not do that to the masses as you are doing.

Kundalini is flowing from your hands; the Ganesha is active in you, but it should never give you the ego or the sternness or the heaviness of the sea but it should give you the beauty of the Mother Earth.

Mother Earth is always bigger than the sea because She has to contain the sea. Sea can never be bigger than the Mother Earth. Sometimes it looks, sea, bigger but sea is contained in the Mother Earth. It cannot go beyond. So Mother Earth is always greater, bigger, wider than the sea.

So one has to understand that when Kundalini has risen, you have become all the seven chakras and not only the guru chakra and when you have become the guru chakra it is also bounded on all sides by the Mother Earth.

Under these circumstances, when we are so capable, we are giving realization to so many people when we are achieving so many things. If we could just become humble, congenial, beautiful, we can master the whole world.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Shri Trigunatmika Puja,
5th July 1985 Holland

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