Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ego has no discretion

Another thing I’ve seen that ego has no discretion, ego has no discretion of any kind. If you are egoistical first thing you lose is discretion, then what’s the use of having this nonsense of a ego which doesn’t give you discretion?

And people who have greater ego always then assert and you have to agree to that. You are more impressed by the people who have greater ego than yours and you like the people who are without any ego so you can oppress on them, but the discretion part is very poor.

That you can see, the other day one guru had, or the one gentleman, had come and he was given some mantra by his guru, but he can’t hear anything against his guru. Why? Because his ego has chosen that guru; because the ego has chosen how can the ego be wrong? And ego is always wrong, invariably wrong.

Everything is upside down with the ego-orientation. Gradually you will learn that in the west people lack common sense completely, they lack common sense in everything.

I mean if they had common sense there would have been much less problems, but common sense is lacking and also I find the same thing in Sahaja Yogis. They lack common sense. You have to become so wise that common sense should be your nature but common sense we lack.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Shri Trigunatmika Puja,
5th July 1985, Holland

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