Friday, December 2, 2011

Plastic affects the health

Plastic is much in vogue now-a-days. Even the glasses are made of plastics! That is too much. I cannot use plastic. Sarees are being made of plastics, everything of plastic!

Plastic is so much in use that there is every possibility that it affects the health of human beings. Children die because of this plastic. So we should try to avoid plastics as far as possible. But plastic is dominating the whole scene today.

In Mumbai people get their sofa sets made of plastics. Plastic to sit upon, plastic to wear, plastic to walk upon and now in a short time they will make cars of plastic! You are Sahaja yogis. You have nothing to do with plastic. I do not mean that you should move in a cloak. Sahaja Yogis should not do that.

They should dress up properly and live nicely. There is absolutely no need of hypocritically looking like Sanyasin or Sadhu Babas. But do not use anything which is not beneficial to you. You should avoid such things and protect your children also.

H.H.Shri Mataji
New Year Puja,
India, 2001-12-31
DCB July- August 2002

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